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ViraDefend™ provides the best herbs available in one vegetarian, preservative-free product, with herbs in their proper amounts, and the feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. As health care practitioners, we began the process of formulating ViraDefend™ because we weren’t getting satisfactory results with available natural remedies meant for those with viral infections (Echinacea, the berberines and hydrastasines, vitamin C, astragalus, panax ginseng, mushrooms…). Before ViraDefend™, our patients needed to buy three to four different supplement products to include all the necessary herbs.

ViraDefend™ sells itself! Patients who buy ViraDefend™ based on our recommendations, come back to buy more on their own year after year. We can think of no more compelling evidence than that for ViraDefend’s™ ability to provide patient satisfaction. Simplify your dispensary with ViraDefend™- a single product that leaves patients satisfied and coming back for more.

If you have an interest in stocking your dispensary or store with ViraDefend™, please contact us for details and pricing.

"ViraDefend is an amazing product. I have used it for about 3 years. During that time I was traveling a lot and also participating in many educational programs which required me to reside in dormitory and community settings. On several occasions there were flu outbreaks that affected others in the community, some my roommates. Taking ViraDefend helped me to remain free of cold and flu symptoms throughout that period.

As a health care provider I see many people who despite getting the flu shot succumb to the illness. In my personal experience, ViraDefend, along with a healthy lifestyle, has proven to be effective in prevention of flu. It is a broad spectrum supplement so its efficacy is not dependent on the strain of virus and it can be taken long term which allows for continued use throughout the season.

You don’t want to be without ViraDefend in your medicine cabinet during cold and flu season or when traveling."

Kathryn C.


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