How Much is Too Much?

For many, taking supplements is a daily task. Supplements can provide a lot of health benefits, and some are okay to take for long periods of time. How can you tell if maybe you are taking too many supplements? There is no single rule of thumb and no magical number, but we can go over some helpful general guidelines. As always, make sure you reach out to your herbalist and healthcare provider for guidance to match your specific needs.

Some General Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines that may indicate that you are taking too many supplements.

  • By the time you’re done swallowing pills, you feel like you are too full to eat anything
  • You have not reviewed your supplement list in more than a year
  • You are taking three or more products that contain overlapping ingredients
  • You aren’t feeling any improvement in your health
  • You have digestive upset after taking your supplements
  • Your body has changed. For example, you have become pregnant since your last supplement review with a professional. There are herbs that are very safe in general, but should not be taken during pregnancy. ViraDefend is included in this category.

Do You Really Need That?

You should regularly review all the supplements that your are taking. Do all of them need to be used right now? Are any of them to support you for issues that have already resolved? Are any of them redundant- are you taking supplements with the same or very similar ingredients? Have your supplements been effective for you?

These are all very important questions. Korey and I often find our patients are still taking products that they started a year or more ago, even though the issue they were originally started for is over. And often there are multiple supplements that could be trimmed down to one or two higher quality or more effective options. We strongly recommend seeing a qualified professional to be your guide to help you make real progress with your healthcare goals and stay safe.

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