ViraDefend™ Immune System Booster

ViraDefend™ includes nature’s best answer for people feeling under the weather, and for those trying to stay healthy.  So whether you are feeling “a bug” coming on, or are just trying to avoid catching what is going around the family, office or while traveling, ViraDefend™ is the perfect choice for supporting your natural immune system.*

Patients Report:
Significant Reduction of Symptoms and Occurrence of Cold and Flu

Patients who began ViraDefend™ on our recommendations, consistently keep using it by their own choice.  These patients report avoiding colds and flu that have been spreading around their classrooms, families and offices.  Those that have come down with symptoms report significant reductions of those symptoms that allow them to stay on their feet and keep working.

ViraDefend™ is for:

  • Parents and teachers who must work closely with school aged children
  • Nurses and healthcare providers who care for the sick as a daily routine
  • Business professionals who travel via air, train or other modes of public transport where close contact with numerous other travelers is unavoidable
  • Those who seek options beyond time, warm fluids and bedrest when they feel under the weather
  • Those looking for a supplement from a trusted source that is manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Process standards
  • Those who want supplements with no preservatives, sugars, artificial coloring, chemical flavor enhancers, soy, dairy, gluten, endangered species or animal products

The Perfect Blend of Herbs

ViraDefend™ is a combination of the more recent Western tradition of pairing andrographis and siberian ginseng, and the key components forsythia, lonicera and isatis used historically in China for patients with viral infections in such well-known combinations as Yin Qiao San.

Studies on the Herbs in ViraDefend™ Show:

  • Reduced nasal secretions and congestion, and shorter recovery time for patients with uncomplicated common cold
  • Decreased duration of sick leave and the frequency of post-influenza complications in patients with flu
  • Highly significant improvement in patient self-evaluation of muscle pain, cough, throat symptoms, headache, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms and temperature; and physician evaluation of signs and symptoms of the ears, nose, oral cavity, lymph glands, tonsils and eyes
  • Significantly decreased symptoms of headache, nasal symptoms, throat symptoms and general malaise in patients with acute upper respiratory tract infections including sinusitis
  • Significantly reduced headache, tiredness, earache, sleeplessness, sore throat, nasal secretions, frequency and intensity of cough in patients with the common cold
  • Patients taking dried extract of andrographis over a three month period had one half the incidence of common cold compared to those taking placebo

Why Choose ViraDefend™

ViraDefend™ is not the cheapest herbal supplement on the market, but you get what you pay for.  The majority of the most popular supplements out there for cold and flu season are shamefully low in how much herb they actually contain. The most popular herbal supplement contains 350mg of herbal extract, where ViraDefend™ contains 1250mg per serving. Does that matter? Would you take only 25% of an aspirin tablet if you had a headache; or would you want to take the dose that actually gets rid of the headache?

Warning: Do not take if pregnant, nursing or on prescription blood thinning medication. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your healthcare professional before starting this or any other supplement.

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“A few winters ago, when I seemed to be having one cold or respiratory problem after another, my acupuncturist Chris Reilly consulted with my naturopath Dr. Korey DiRoma, ND, and both agreed that ViraDefend was an option for me.

Within weeks, I was feeling great. Since then I have made ViraDefend my go to supplement at the first sign of a cold. It helps me get through the winter feeling healthy and full of energy, not bogged down with flu or colds. Thank you, ViraDefend!”

Cara A.

Avid Gardener

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