I often hear the term “homeopathic” used interchangeably with “holistic,” or “natural medicine.” I hope that a brief clarification between these terms will be helpful.

Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is healing that comes from nature and natural products, and it focuses on the whole person. Our own inborn power to heal ourselves is natural medicine. Herbs, nutrients, massage and acupuncture are natural medicines.

  • Naturally occurring in nature: herbs, nutrients, sunlight…
  • Therapies that use our inborn ability to heal: meditation, prayer…
  • Direct person-person healing: acupuncture, massage, reiki, healing touch…

Holistic Medicine

By focusing on the whole person, holistic medicine doesn’t just treat an isolated problem, like a sore shoulder. The holistic approach supports the entire person to promote overall balance and well-being in addition to treating the sore shoulder.

  • Always tries to support the person as a whole
  • Often involves multiple forms of natural medicine in combination (for example: ViraDefend for your immune system, proper nutrition for your blood sugar balance, and exercise for your bones)
  • Often integrates complementary and mainstream medicine (for example: Orthopedic doctor for your fractured leg, Therapist for emotional support and a Naturopathic doctor for your chronic fatigue)

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is defined by the principal of “like treats like” (homo=same; path=cause of disease). This means that if you get a poison ivy reaction, your treatment is a homeopathic dose of poison ivy. What?! Sounds strange, but the key is that the homeopathic dose is so diluted and “watered down,” that there is virtually no poison ivy left in it.

  • Defined by the concept of “like treats like”
  • Very diluted doses with often not a single molecule of the active ingredient left in it
  • Usually delivered via liquid or small sugar pills (see picture above)
  • ViraDefend is not homeopathic. It is natural and holistic, but it contains a robust amount of herbs and is not based on the concept of “like treats like.”
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