How much ViraDefend™ is recommended?

Please see your healthcare provider before beginning any supplement. In our clinic, we most often recommend two capsules twice per day for our clients who are looking to keep healthy. For our clients who are feeling under the weather, we most often recommend three or four capsules twice per day.

Should I take ViraDefend™ with food?

ViraDefend™ can be taken with food or without. In our work as professional herbalists, if someone has a very sensitive stomach, we recommend they take any supplement or capsule with at least a small snack.

Are five herbs better than one?

Yes!  Using herbs in combination allows them to enhance, amplify and balance each other. This is exactly why traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal traditions almost always rely on multiple herbs used together to effectively boost and support the immune system.

What if I am pregnant or nursing?

Do not take ViraDefend™ if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with your healthcare practitioner and a very good, very experienced herbalist before taking any supplements during pregnancy or nursing. In our clinic, we focus on good nutrition, rest and avoidance of exposure during these times.

The bottle says recommended adult dose. What about kids?

Children vary quite a lot when it comes to how rapidly they develop at different ages, their body weight, et cetera. In our clinic, we always assess children on an individual basis. If you would like to explore ViraDefend™ as an option for your child, take them to a qualified practitioner first to ensure proper care is taken for our precious next generation.

Is there aspirin in ViraDefend™?

There is some naturally occurring aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) in Isatis. If you have an allergy to aspirin, do not take ViraDefend™.

Can herbs really work?

There are hundreds of examples throughout the history of medicine, including some of the most widely used medicines of today, where natural substances are used very effectively.

Consider a few examples:

  • Aspirin is derived from willow bark, and the use of willow bark dates back to around 2000 BC in Egypt. Hippocrates mentioned its use to reduce fevers around 400 BC
  • Alexander Fleming discovered the antibacterial properties of the mold Penicillium rubens, from which he isolated penicillin
  • Taxol, a very common and important drug in cancer treatment, was discovered in the bark and needles of the Pacific Yew tree  

The list goes on: morphine, digitoxin, pilocarpine, artemisinin...

  • Of the 252 drugs considered by the World Health Organization as basic and essential, 11% are exclusively of flowering plant origin (Veeresham, Ciddi. “Natural Products Derived From Plants As a Source of Drugs.” Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research. 2012 Oct-Dec; 3(4):200-201.)

So to answer the question, yes we think herbs have a lot to offer!

How do herbs work?

Herbs contain many naturally occurring compounds.  Today we have learned from herbal traditions with thousands of years worth of clinical observation just what herbs have stood the test of time. Then these herbs are analyzed scientifically to discover their effects in the human body.

Let’s take one of ViraDefend's™ herbs, Isatis, as an example.  Below is a list of some compounds found in Isatis, and what scientific research has shown them to do:

  • Indirubin was found to inhibit RANTES in human bronchial epithelia cells (the primary sites of flu virus infection) infected with both Influenza (flu) A and B type viruses (see references page for numbered references: 4)
  • Indigo and sinigrin components were found to inhibit an enzyme vital for the replication of the SARS virus (2)
  • Clemastanin B was found to inhibit human influenza A and B virus subtypes, and avian influenza viral subtypes, at least in part by blocking their ability to enter cells (1)
  • Polysaccharides extracted from Isatis boost the immune system by increasing production of white blood cells, lymphocytes and macrophages- benefiting both humoral and cellular immune responses (18)
What else can I do to stay healthy this cold and flu season?

Hand washing is of course essential to avoiding viral infections.  So is making sure you get enough sleep to support your immune system- this means seven hours or more for most people. Avoid touching your face, mouth, eyes and nose when you are around infected individuals.  While exercising regularly can reduce the felt impact of an infection, an intense workout can actually cause a temporary weakening of the immune system, so taking an immune booster like ViraDefend™ before hitting that crowded gym is a good idea.

What is Holisitic Medicine?

The central idea of holistic medicine is that health is best approached by looking at the whole person instead of isolating only one or a few particular symptoms, body parts or health issues.

For example, if a client came to us with frequent cold infections, we would look at the whole person.

  • Is digestion and absorption functioning properly to fuel the body naturally?
  • Is the person getting enough sleep to support a healthy immune system?
  • Does this person live where vitamin D deficiency is common?
  • Is this person’s lifestyle and stress level possibly affecting their immune system?
  • Does this person live or work in an environment where exposure to cold and flu is high such as education or health care?

By working to improve a person’s health from multiple directions, the holistic practitioner takes a very practical and inclusive approach to supporting the immune system, and overall health.


Welcome! Thanks for your interest in ViraDefend™, our immune boosting supplement! Please contact us with any questions. Dismiss