Our Inspiration

I recently attended a lecture given by Dr. Chopra on new investigations in medicine and what they mean for integrative healthcare.  It was a treat and a refreshing source of inspiration listening to the author of one of the first books I had ever read on complementary medicine.

Our Renewal

The concept of renewal is key to Chopra’s view of life and biology. He explained that within one year, every single atom that makes up our physical body has been replaced. The idea that we have the power to remake ourselves year after year is an incredibly hopeful and constructive insight! This fact points to our vast and deep potential for healing when our bodies are given the right support.

Our Goal

So year after year, day after day, we work towards that renewal in ourselves and others. This possibility for healing urges us onward to create constantly more helpful and useful herbal combinations to aid in that process, which is after all the process of life itself.  We at Integrative Herbals LLC wish you all a day and year of renewed inspiration, fresh perspective and vibrant health!

Christopher Reilly, L.Ac., MSA Licensed Acupuncturist | Chinese Herbalist Co-Founder: Integrative Herbals, Inc.

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