Welcome to one of several blogs to come about the scientific research into how ViraDefend’s herbs work to support the body’s immune response. Today, we will focus on a study that came out last year on Forsythia’s suppression of influenza (flu) virus. Forsythia, called lian qiao in China, is an herb that traditional Chinese medicine has used for viral infections for over one thousand years.

This article, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28716571, studied how Forsythia affected the life cycle of influenza virus. The researchers found that the “forsythoside A” from Forsythia decreased the amount of virus and increased the survival in both cellular and animal models of influenza infection. It achieved this suppression of the influenza virus at least in part by reducing the virus’ ability to produce something called the influenza M1 protein. The influenza M1 protein is necessary for the influenza virus to spread itself from one cell to another. If it can’t spread to new cells, the ability of the flu virus to spread and worsen the infection is severely limited.

To summarize:

  • Forsythia naturally contains “forsythoside A”
  • The influenza (flu) virus requires influenza M1 protein to spread its infection
  • Forsythoside A reduces the influenza M1 protein in cellular and animal models
  • Forsythia inhibits the influenza virus by reducing it’s ability to spread itself and worsen the flu infection

Please join us for more scientific research into the herbs of ViraDefend in our upcoming blogs!

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