• To Promote and Support a Healthy Immune System

  • Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free

  • No Preservatives

  • No Sugars

  • No Artificial Coloring

  • No Chemical Flavor Enhancers

ViraDefend™ for PARENTS

When Wiping Runny Noses is a Full-Time Job



“You don’t want to be without ViraDefend™ in your medicine cabinet during cold and flu season or when traveling.”

Healthcare Provider



“It is a great product and has replaced Airborne® which is what I used to take in these circumstances.”

Marion O.

World Traveler

ViraDefend™ for TEACHERS with Classrooms Full of Sniffles & Sneezes

ViraDefend™ for STUDENTS with Shared Living Spaces and Lecture Halls

Immune System Booster

ViraDefend™…Nature’s best answer for supporting a healthy immune system.

"ViraDefend is an amazing product. I have used it for about 3 years. During that time I was traveling a lot and also participating in many educational programs which required me to reside in dormitory and community settings. On several occasions there were flu outbreaks that affected others in the community, some my roommates. Taking ViraDefend helped me to remain free of cold and flu symptoms throughout that period.

As a health care provider I see many people who despite getting the flu shot succumb to the illness. In my personal experience, ViraDefend, along with a healthy lifestyle, has proven to be effective in prevention of flu. It is a broad spectrum supplement so its efficacy is not dependent on the strain of virus and it can be taken long term which allows for continued use throughout the season.

You don’t want to be without ViraDefend in your medicine cabinet during cold and flu season or when traveling."

Kathryn C.


“A few winters ago, when I seemed to be having one cold or respiratory problem after another, my acupuncturist Chris Reilly consulted with my naturopath Dr. Korey DiRoma, ND, and both agreed that ViraDefend was an option for me.

Within weeks, I was feeling great. Since then I have made ViraDefend my go to supplement at the first sign of a cold. It helps me get through the winter feeling healthy and full of energy, not bogged down with flu or colds. Thank you, ViraDefend!”

Cara A.

Avid Gardener

“I highly recommend ViraDefend.  I have taken it before several airline flights and have managed to avert illness associated with flying.  

I take it if I think I am getting a cold and it has often prevented one.  I find it shortens a cold if I am too late taking it.

It is a great product and has replaced Airborne which is what I used to take in these circumstances.”

Marion O.

World Traveler

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